We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic on this website, but we do not:-

  • Collect or use any information that would allow us to identify individual visitors to our site, or
  • Sell or distribute information about visitors to this website

The information provided to us by Google Analytics, may include:-

  • Your geographic location, to the level of the nearest town or city
  • Search terms that you used to locate our content
  • The website or advert that referred you to our site
  • Your 'network location', usually your ISP provider, or in some cases the name of your company or college network
  • Which pages you visited on our website
  • If you are a 'returning visitor' how many visits have been made to our site

We use this information to understand who visits our site, so that we can improve the content and make it more relevant to you and other visitors, and to manage our on-line advertising.

We only use 'statistical data', rather than the profile of individual users, for this purpose.

We will not:-

  • Make any attempt to gather information about any other websites you may visit, or 
  • Collect any of your 'personal information' unless you choose to contact us, or recommend our content, via Google+, Linkedin, Facebook or other social networks.

Google Analytics will place cookies on your machine when you visit our website in order track how use the this and other websites, and you can read about Google's Privacy Policy here http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

If you want to restrict the use of cookies on your PC you can change your security setting as explained herehttp://www.microsoft.com/info/cookies.mspx